About the Workshop

This course will address topics that call into question the appearance and function of form in space, and how that conclusion informs the construction of the image and the process of the painter. The primary objectives are to 1) establish a connection between what is seen and the construction of the image, to 2) establish a connection between visual memory and the cultivated sensibilities of the painter, and to 3) find a way of making manifest the experiences of the painter through the physicality of paint. This workshop is intended for experienced painters, but welcomes the ambitious, beginning painter.

About Brian Rego

Brian Rego received a BFA at the University of South Carolina with a concentration in painting in 2004. He was the recipient of the Ed Yaghjian Award from the University of South Carolina for distinguished undergraduate work. In 2007, Brian Rego received an MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and in 2008 co-founded the painting collective known as Perceptual Painters. This collective is dedicated to teaching, exhibiting, and painting. In 2015, Rego co-founded the Melrose School of Art, based in Columbia, SC, where he is faculty. He has taught drawing and painting at Benedict College, the University of South Carolina, Columbia College, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, and various programs such as the Mt. Gretna School of Art, the Beverly Street Studio School, and the Jerusalem Studio School in Italy. Rego exhibits his work both nationally and internationally and resides in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife, Elizabeth, and four children. Brian Rego


July 22-28, 2018

noncredit $975

undergraduate credit $1,155

graduate credit $1,215


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