About the Workshop

This course examines the bold and direct capabilities of woodcut and other relief print surfaces. Students go from preliminary sketches to the carving of blocks, with multiple block and reduction color approaches. By printing multiple layers of transparent inks, images develop with lush color relationships and luminous surfaces. The class works with color separation/registration, carving with hand and power tools, built-up surfaces, color ink mixing, and stencils. During the week students first develop a key block, transfer the image to other blocks to carry various colors and then print small editions. Students should plan to arrive with several worked out compositions.

About Jim Lee

Jim Lee has taught printmaking, drawing, and book arts at the Hartford Art School since 1982. His landscape color woodcut prints, tinged with symbolic overtones, develop from his drawings. He also produces hand-printed, letterpress books through Blue Moon Press, his private press. His exhibitions include: Recent Acquisitions of Artists’ Books, Metropolitan Museum of Art; New American Woodcuts, Galerie Im Hollental, Buchenbach, Germany; Qijang International Print Festival, Chongqing, China; International Biennial Print Exhibition, Taiwan; Rare Books of the Future, Center for Book Arts, NY; Boston Printmakers; North American Biennial. Jim Lee’s work is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Portrait Gallery, Getty Art Center, Art Institute of Chicago and in college/university special collections, including Columbia, Yale, Harvard, and Arizona State universities, and University of San Francisco.


July 23-29, 2017

noncredit $1,045

undergraduate credit $1,215

graduate credit $1,275


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