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About the Workshop

This workshop will involve painting the nude figure in the interior. The aim will be to examine the relationship of the figure to the surrounding space, and how one builds a picture from those occurrences. Students will get the opportunity to work on smaller/faster paintings in conjunction with a longer/more sustained piece. More specific ideas to be explored will include the following: embracing and building the physicality of the surface, seeing color and value structures abstractly, de-conceptualizing the figure, and prioritizing pictorial space over the idea of illusion and realism.

About David Campbell

Born in the suburbs of Philadelphia in 1974, David attended The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia where he earned his Certificate in Painting in 1998. He returned to the Academy to earn his MFA in 2007 and since graduating has cofounded the Perceptual Painters collective and continues to exhibit individually and collectively.David and his family currently reside in Williamsburg, VA and teaches Drawing and Color Foundations at The College of William & Mary. David Campbell


July 22-28, 2018


undergraduate credit $180

graduate credit $240


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