About the Workshop

Learn to see color through painting still life. By working with a variety of still-life setups, we will discern color relationships and translate them into paintings. For beginning students, the workshop will be a pathway to painting from observation.  For advanced students, the workshop will answer questions such as “why can’t I mix that color?” Participants will learn to relate color and value, and to discover why color looks different depending on surrounding colors.  The class will demand a lot both intellectually and visually, but we will have fun all the while.


About David Campbell

Born in the suburbs of Philadelphia in 1974, David Campbell attended The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia where he earned his Certificate in Painting in 1998. He returned to the Academy to earn his MFA in 2007. Since graduating, he cofounded the Perceptual Painters Collective and continues to exhibit individually and collectively. David and his family currently reside in Williamsburg, VA and he teaches Drawing and Color Foundations at The College of William & Mary. http://www.davidcampbellart.com/


July 30- August 5, 2017

noncredit $945

undergraduate credit $1,115

graduate credit $1,175


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“All of My Favorite Things” David Campbell